March and April 2024 Update

Thank you all for the ways you have been praying for us and reaching out to encourage and remind us to keep our eyes and hearts focused on Christ and not on our circumstances. We are beyond thankful for each of you.

Dan preaching with his friend Ariel translating into Spanish

Dan preached a couple times in the last few months and continues to lead worship every week, along with Seth. Dan also meets with 5 different Guatemalan men regularly to study the Bible or go through a book together. 

Serving at Luz Del Mundo School

March was full of serving both at Campos de Sueños and Luz Del Mundo School. At the school, we help in “special interest areas” on Fridays. The kids sign up for which activity they want to put their time into. Dan helps with the music room, Jack with soccer, Jasmine in cosmetology, and Kadi, McKenzie, Seth and Kaylee play games with the kids. 

Kadi serving at Compos de Sueños with women

At Campos Kadi was invited to help train and disciple the girls so she has been investing more of her time there and loving it. It is a church, feeding center, after school help, and discipleship and trade training ministry in one of the poorest areas near Antigua. 

The Foothills Team building a home for a student's family from Luz Del Mundo

At the beginning of March, El Faro had a team come down from Oregon for a week where they did a VBS, natural medicine clinic, and built a home for a new student at the school that was living under a tarp. Dan, Seth, and Kadi were translators for the team and helped with home visits and the construction project. 

Semana Santa night

Semana Santa is the celebration of Holy Week that lasts 6 weeks. We went to church at 6am a couple of times to make sure we could make it on time. We went out one night and looked at all the carpets with all of our friends from Refuel. We celebrated Easter at church, followed by lunch and games at Alex and Melanie's for those of us who were missing family. We were very thankful for their hospitality toward us, as Easter was especially hard for us this year.

Games with Friends

Refuel has continued to be such a great source of encouragement to all of us. The word is being preached, and missionaries are growing and being encouraged. We still have a group of Guatemalans that come every week and one of the guys we mentioned in a previous post has started attending Calvary every week with Alex and Melanie. We invited him to church with us, but Calvary is much closer. He is not saved, but is seeking, so please be praying for him. We sent off two missionaries this month, whom we will miss dearly. They are headed back to the UK after 7 years in Guatemala to pastor a church that is dying and currently only has one family remaining. 

Praying for our missionary friends at ReFuel as they set off for the UK

In April, we had two big birthdays. Jack turned 13 and Seth turned 16. We also had a very exciting day as McKenzie chose to publicly confess her faith in Jesus and get baptized. Our church here doesn’t have people give their testimony, but we wanted McKenzie to share hers so you can watch that and part of her baptism below. I (Kadi) missed the first part of her answering Dan’s questions on video :(  but you do get to see the end of it. The Church used a beach house on the coast and 6 people were baptized on Sunday. 1 adult, 4 teens and two younger kids. 

We are really looking forward to being home in Spokane for a bit this summer and seeing all of you in person. Scroll Down for more photos from the past two months! This first one is video of us singing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." We love worshiping with our sweet church family.

Students Playing during Special Interest Group Time at Luz Del Mundo School

Kadi Meeting with teen girls at Compos de Sueños

Seth Serving at Luz Del Mundo School

Jasmine Serving at Luz Del Mundo School

Campos de Sueños (Field of Dreams) Ministry

Men's Breakfast at El Faro Church

A Catholic Semana Santa (Holy Week) Procession

Dan praying for his missionary friend Matt

The crew who poured concrete for our church seating area

Finishing the concrete seating area for our church


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