January and February 2023 Update

We kicked off our New Year with our dear friends at their home, playing games and praying for our year ahead. Seth spent almost a month in Spokane with family & friends enjoying visiting ITC and attending winter camp. We are so thankful for the many people who spent time with him, had him for lunch, coffee, and hang time. He came back to Guatemala encouraged and feeling loved. Also, a little sad, but very thankful for his time in Spokane. Because our kids are older going onto the mission field, we are trying to keep our kids as connected to their family and friends as possible and we are thankful for everyone who stays in touch with them! 

January was very busy for us! We began taking Spanish lessons in a school instead of with private tutors. We were able to double our hours to 20 per week and are seeing great progress in everyone.

We also celebrated Dan’s second birthday here in Guatemala and it was the BIG 4-0! We are so thankful for our wonderful friends who came and celebrated with us! 

Our friend and head guard, Fermin was brutally murdered in his home just minutes from where we live. This tragedy really shook us and the people in our complex. We’ve learned that 97% of murders here go unsolved and they are common. We are reminded that we are exiles in this world, and it is not our home. Our hope is in the Lord alone. Fermin’s death really gave our entire family an even stronger sense of urgency to share the gospel with our neighbors through building relationships with them. We have had opportunities to spend significant time with his surrogate parents who live in our complex, and the Lord has allowed us to share the gospel with them in several different settings.

Seth returned to Guatemala with Kadi’s parents, and we had a great ten days with them. We were able to spend time loving on kids at an orphanage and at a feeding center. Our church (and the school attached to it) have a stove program so that every family who attends the school gets a wood burning stove. A large number of families use open fires inside the home to cook food and heat their homes, leaving their family exposed to toxic fumes. Since we have been here, we have read of 24 people around Antigua who died in their homes from smoke inhalation. We also help families who don’t attend the school. When Kadi’s parents came, we were able to deliver a stove and share the gospel with the family. It was an incredible time. Her parents also loved going to the market almost every other day and got to know some of the vendors. 

Scroll down for more pictures from our last two months. Thank you so much for all of your prayer and support. We really appreciate having partners join us in what God is doing here in Guatemala!

Teen Girl's Book Study on Growing in Godliness

Dan Preaching w/ Juan Carlos Translating

Dan & Kadi at a Marriage Event at El Faro Church

Seth Praying w/ the Kids at the Feeding Center

Nancy at the Orphanage

Mike Playing w/ David on a Missions Team Work Site

Mike & Nancy Helping Install a Wood Burning Stove


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