Adjusting to Life

Seven weeks! We feel like we just moved here last week and at the same time like we’ve been drinking from a fire hose! We are learning so much Spanish both in our lessons and from being in the community. People are always so kind to try to understand us and have slow conversations with us. We have had the opportunity to get to know people in our church through baby showers, men's and women's events, soccer games, and youth group. 

Dan Sharing a Message at a Men’s Breakfast
We have all been excited to understand more Spanish each week at church and can see the progress we are making. We are all very eager to speak Spanish well and the kids have been having conversations with our guards almost daily and all want to run into the store so they can ask for what we need in Spanish. Its been so much fun to see the excitement to use what we are learning. 

Seth at Worship Practice
Adjusting to a third world country (or any new country) is always going to have its challenges and those challenges hit each person differently and at different times. Each of our kids have gone through some sad days of feeling the loss of what we left in Spokane: friends, family, church, schools, sports, etc. We are so thankful for technology that allows them to call, facetime, and play games with their friends and stay in touch. It has helped tremendously as we have transitioned here. 

Spanish Lessons in our Home
We have had some really happy times, too. We have had many great dinners, spent the day at the zoo, and had our first worship night in our home with some of our good friends. We had our Spanish teachers for dinner and games (where we had to explain the game to them in Spanish!!) which was so much fun! We have been able to attend mid week English services, Friday night open mic, and board game nights. We have had the opportunity to see other ministries in action, like Campos De Suenos, where kids come twice per week to eat, play games, and are taught through the bible. Seth is getting involved by playing piano and bass for the youth group as well as for the main service this month. Jasmine is looking forward to serving in the baby and toddler room at church. 

Serving at Campos de Sueños

Bibles from the Kids
Before we left, Jack and McKenzie spent time with Carlee and Maddie Howie learning about Bible translation and getting bibles to areas without access to them. With the money the kids raised, they were able to bring down bibles and purchase more here. We were able to take bibles to a very rural church as well as purchase some much needed Bible commentaries for the pastor there. Dan also went to the city with our pastor Juan Carlos, and a couple members of the church, to purchase bibles for the kids in the school & church. We are thankful for the way the Lord provided bibles for those who need them by raising money through the kids! 

First of Many Baby Showers

Nearly everyone here hires people to clean their home, garden, and do handy man work. Through another missionary, we found the sweetest Christian couple to do this for us. They have been married for four months and also see their lives as vessels for the Lord to use. We haven’t known them long but we already love them. We asked them how they became Christians and they shared that they were both born in Christian homes. The husband became a Christian at 14 years old after rejecting it for years.

Making us "Crazy Corn"
He also shared that many people told him he wasn’t a Christian because he didn’t have the Holy Spirit. His dad told him to read his Bible and he saw that when he gave his life to Christ he received the Holy Spirit even if he never spoke in tongues. He kept reading his Bible because people told him he needed to figure out his calling. He learned that the calling on all Christians is to follow Jesus and make disciples. So that is what he and his wife do. They work on a produce farm caring for very poor families in a rural area where they teach them to grow crops and follow Jesus. We share this because it is so encouraging watching people follow Christ and listening to how the Lord has changed their lives. It’s so simple and we often make it so complicated with our policies and rigidness but the call on our lives is to follow Jesus and make disciples.

Ways you can pray for us:
  • Dan is preaching at our church, El Faro, this month. Pray he would share the word clearly and in a cultural context the congregation understands.
  • Pray for schooling. We thought we were set to attend a specific school down here but learned they aren’t sure they can handle the needs of all of our children. Pray the Lord opens the doors for us to attend here, or another school we can afford, quickly.
  • Pray our language skills continue to develop as we build relationships with people. We are eager to get to a place where we are able to share the gospel with non believers.
Thank you for praying with and for us, reaching out and staying in touch and for partnering with us financially. We are so thankful to all of you!


  1. I haven't had crazy corn in forever! So good!

    1. I'm also glad to see you guys settling in. Praying for you all!

    2. Thanks Kirk! We really appreciate it!

  2. Kadi, ¿recuerdas estar sentado en nuestra terraza trasera durante una barbacoa una noche y decir: "Nunca me casaré ni tendré hijos"? LOL, mira lo que Dios ha hecho. Sabía que cuando dijiste eso, iba a hacer algo especial contigo. ¡Y sé que seguirá bendiciendo, proveyendo y animando!

    Filipenses 1:6

    1. I do remember that! Thankfully the Lord had better plans than mine! Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayer.


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