June 2022 Trip to Guatemala

Please pray for us as we take one more trip to Guatemala without the kids to get things in order down there before we move. We're there from May 31st to June 8th. Our friends Melanie and Alex of Tree Ministries are hosting us at their house. Kadi and I packed and weighed four suitcases and four tubs to take with us on this trip to Guatemala. Our friends Josh and Carlee are coming with us and graciously offered to bring all their stuff in carry-on bags so we could check two bags in each of their names. It is such a help to get more of our stuff down.

We found a house to rent, but we need to furnish it with some more beds and a few other items so it's move in ready. We're also purchasing a Honda Pilot. We'll be sure to journal our time down there and take pictures for our next update. 

Please pray that our time would be a blessing to those we are with and that God continues to guide us as we move down permanently in July.


  1. Praying for you guys in this new and exciting journey.

  2. Thank you! We really appreciate your prayers.


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