We're Moving to Guatemala!

We hope this blog post finds you well. We are a little late for a Christmas card, but consider this a mid year family update :) 2021 was very busy for us, as we are sure it was for you as well. We adopted Kadi's great niece, Kaylee Grace, on Nov 29, 2021. She has been living with us for 3.5 years and we were so thankful to finalize her adoption. We homeschooled all of our kids during COVID and three returned to public school this year. Jack and McKenzie are still homeschooling and we are actually really loving it. Seth is 14 in 8th grade, Jasmine is 13 in 6th grade, McKenzie is 12 in 6th grade, Jack is 11 in 5th grade and Kaylee is 8 in 2nd grade.

Absalonson Family
About four years ago we took our family to Guatemala to visit our dear friends who live down there as missionaries. Dan was very impacted by our visit and upon returning decided he wanted to be in full-time ministry, but wasn't sure what that would look like. He began a pastoral internship with our church and also began seminary at Western Seminary. He has had the opportunity to lead worship, teach, preach and help shepherd our church through small groups and one on one discipleship. Most recently, he was installed as an elder in our church.

From our 2018 family trip to Antigua Guatemala

In January of this year we went back to Guatemala to see if there might be a place for us to serve down there. We were able to meet so many amazing people acting as the hands and feet of God. We met with local pastors and were so encouraged to see them faithfully ministering the gospel to unreached areas. Over the next month we spent hours praying and seeking counsel, and we ultimately saw that the Lord was leading us to help with church planting in Guatemala.

Dan & Kadi in January of 2022 Serving for a day with Tree Ministries

Our next big adventure takes place on July 11th. We will move our family of seven to Antigua, Guatemala! As you can imagine we are beyond thankful for the opportunity to serve our Great God in this way, very excited for what is to come and patiently expecting him to comfort all our fears. Our kids will attend a local English school for missionary children while also learning Spanish. Our first year will mostly consist of developing relationships, learning the language and culture, engaging in discipleship relationships and sharing the gospel with local people by having them in our home and lives. Our second year will, Lord willing, be evangelizing in the rural areas of Guatemala as we work to plant a church in an unreached area.

We COVET your prayers! We are hopeful that you will join us as prayer partners, and even consider visiting us! This move will be difficult for our kids and to have people they know and love stay in contact with them (and us) is invaluable to us! Praise the Lord that he has provided much of the funding we need as we will partly be going down as “tent-makers” with some support from our church. If the Lord leads you to also partner with us financially, we will use it to further the spread of the gospel. There are options for a one time gift, or ongoing. Thank you!

Please reach out to us if you would like to hear more about our plans. If you would like updates via email, please send us your email address! You can do that in the Contact Us form below.


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